leader in the UAE-backed belt forces in Aden resigns

Editor30 May 2019
leader in the UAE-backed belt forces in Aden resigns

عدن نيوز – Aden News:

A senior leader in the UAE-formed security belt forces in Aden presented his resignation as a commander of the so-called strike force.

Informed sources explained that the leader in the security belt, Manae Saleh al-Omari submitted his resignation after UAE assigned him with dangerous tasks inside Aden.

In a letter of resignation shared by activists on social media, al-Omari said he would remain an honest soldier who defends his country and will hold the noble military ethics he was raised with.
He added: I will not be as some wanted me .. They wanted me to do tasks unrelated to honourable military action – in reference to the serious tasks planned by the UAE, to be carried out through its proxy forces.

“My conscience and morality do not allow me to be a slave or a mercenary, to harm the people of Aden,” he said.

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