Political, civilian, popular entities and figures commend the convening of  Southern National Conference in Aden

Editor30 April 2019
Political, civilian, popular entities and figures commend the convening of  Southern National Conference in Aden

عدن نيوز – Aden News:

The national event of the first conference of the Southern Conference was particularly welcomed after it was held in the interim capital of Aden in the context of complex security conditions in the city.

This great achievement was met with popular, official and partisan support from various sects, parties and social and popular actors.

Political, military and southern leaders expressed their support for the convening the Southern Conference for the first time today in Aden.

“Aden News” monitored a number of personalities and political and social components that announce support of the Southern National Conference:

Ali Nasser Mohammed – Former President of the South

Mohamed Ali Ahmed – President of the Conference of the people of the South

Ahmed Salem Rabie Governor of the capital city of Aden

General Abu Bakr Hussein Salem Governor of Abyan Governorate

Ramzi Bamhrous Governor of Socotra Governorate

Mohammed Nasr Shazly, the first deputy of the province of Aden

Ghassan al-Zamaki, deputy governor of Aden province

Rashad Ali Shaye’e, Deputy Governor of Aden Governorate

Khalid Mohammed Al Jaimalani, deputy of Aden Governorate for Transport Affairs

Ahmed Al-Nusi, deputy of the Ministry of Immigrant Affairs

Abdulaziz Al-Hamza, Deputy of Abyan Governorate

Badr Kalbashat Deputy of Socotra Governor of Youth Affairs

Ahmed Saleh Al-Kadih, President of the post of Aden, President of Mansoura Club

Manif Zoghli, Deputy Director of Aden Airport

Sheikh Abdullah al-Kathiri, head of the Hadramout tribes

Director General of the Economic Corporation Sami Saleh Al-Saidi

Brigadier General Louay Zamki, commander of the third brigade, presidential protection

Brigadier General Abu Bakr al-Jubouri, commander of the 4th Brigade.

Brigadier General Thabet Muthanna Jawas Commander of the Anad axis

Salim Haidan Commander of the Fourth Brigade.

Brigadier General Mehran, commander of the Fourth Brigade.

Brigadier General Amjad Khalid, Commander of the Transport Brigade

Brigadier General Adnan Ruzaiq commander of the Fifth Brigade

Brigadier General Sanad al – Rahwa, commander of the first brigade

Brigadier General Qayed Mohammed,  Political Security Directorate

Brigadier General Fadl Baash, commander of the special forces in the province of Aden

General Southern People ‘s Congress

Consultative Forum for the Sons of Abyan Governorate

Local authority in Radfan

The tribe of Marrakeshah

Youth of Future Aden

Group of Southern Academics

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