The “Transitional” continues the illegal recruitment campaign in Shabwa

Editor31 March 2019
The “Transitional” continues the illegal recruitment campaign in Shabwa

عدن نيوز – Aden News:

Militias of the UAE-backed so-called Southern Transitional Council, continue to recruit militias in the southern province of Shabwa.

A local source told “Aden News” that the militias of the Southern Transitional Council carried out illegal recruitment, in one of the schools that were taken over last month in the district of Ataq.

The source added that the Transitional Council continues to train its militias at Al-Awail school in the district of Ataq, after the militias occupied it and converted it into a training camp for them, with the support of the UAE.

The source confirmed that six military vehicles arrived at the camp today, provided from the transitional leadership in Aden, with the funding of the UAE, which provides salaries, nutrition and arming of the camp, in an attempt to drag the province into internal conflicts among the people of the province.

The source was surprised by the strange silence of the leadership of the Arab Coalition in Saudi Arabia about the establishment of camps outside the framework of legitimate.

He noted that the presence of unauthorized militias represents an attempt to form militias similar to the Houthi group, which destroyed the country.

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