TV Channel, radio, and “Flies” campaign.. UAE continues to target legitimate figures! (report)

Editor15 February 2019
TV Channel, radio, and “Flies” campaign.. UAE continues to target legitimate figures! (report)

Media campaigns have begun targeting the most prominent figures close to Yemeni President Abdurbo Mansour Hadi, led by the UAE’s proxies in southern Yemen, represented by the Transitional Council.

The campaign started by targeting the director of Hadi’s office, Abdullah al-Alimi, and the Minister of Transport in the legitimate government Saleh al-Jubwani.
“The two figures are close to Hadi and belong to the Shabwa governorate, which is an obstacle to the UAE plot to control it. This came after a campaign that has been launched to distort the province of Shabwa and linked it to terrorism.

Abu Dhabi also supported the “Transitional Council” recently with more media and began to open a local radio called “Huna Aden”, which opened by the head of the Council Aidroos Al-Zubaidi and his deputy, Hani Ben Brik.

The UAE is also preparing to finance a new channel to be opened soon in what appears to be an Emirati escape from a direct confrontation with legitimate and reliance on indirect war.

The campaign includes the use of press, audio and video media and social media, with the participation of activists, members and leaders of the Transitional Council, including UAE-backed journalists, as well as newspapers and websites funded by the UAE Red Crescent.
A special source in the “transitional” among the participants in the campaign, had confirmed to the “New Arab” that there are campaigns to begin soon and has been prepared, planned and provided with a budget.
He also revealed that “there are orders to create many accounts with multiple names in the social media, especially on Twitter for in this regard.”

Reports and detailed news are regularly being prepared at the Information Center of the Transitional Council. These reports and news are distributed via e-mail to all personalities and the media in accordance with the new media campaign policy.

The Transitional Council has recently trained journalists and activists in Egypt and the UAE, funded by Abu Dhabi, on media campaigns, the use of modern media and modern technology.
The Council also tried to present new faces to the media and civil society organizations, while the legitimacy failed to provide a clear image of its official media and to counter the campaigns launched by Abu Dhabi and its allies.

The new campaigns of the UAE allies, according to several sources, aim to weaken the government, by isolating each of its leaders separately, instead of facing the legitimate as a whole.
Earlier, three previous coup attempts were failed, each of which began with intensive media campaigns, and now the people who are close to Hadi are being targeted for corruption.

A political source in the government told the New Arab that the campaign targets all those who act as obstacles to UAE projects and its allies.
Many members of the Transitional Council have create many accounts in the social media, especially Twitter, as well as activists from Yemen, as well as expatriates in the Gulf countries, especially those in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

Sources point out that fake accounts with southern names are created in the UAE.

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