Gaiants forces loyal to UAE announce its support to STC coup in Aden

2 September 2019
Gaiants forces loyal to UAE announce its support to STC coup in Aden
عدن نيوز – Aden News:

Gaiants forces units recently moved from the area of their combat operations on the west coast towards Aden and published statements in its media platforms that its move aims to support the Transitional forces that are fighting Armed confrontation against legitimate government forces.

This came After Giants forces committed neutrality to the events in Aden and the southern provinces.

Local sources said that troops from the giants brigades stationed on the west coast of the country arrived in Aden on Saturday to support the southern transitional forces in taking control of Aden and Abyan provinces.

This move follows a setback suffered by the armed formations of the “Southern Transitional”, in front of the legitimate government forces last weekend in Shabwa, Abyan and Aden, which prompted the UAE to move all its tools, most notably, the brigades of Giants in an attempt to repel any progress of the government forces legitimacy towards Aden.

The media discourse of the Giants’ brigades and military movements in support of the southern transitional rebellion reveals their high readiness to implement the directives of their sole financier, the United Arab Emirates, which is among the military formations established, armed and trained with full Emirati funding.

For the first time, the Giants Brigades revealed that military equipment and reinforcements had been sent from Yemen’s west coast to take control of the UAE-funded STC militias in the interim capital Aden and the southern provinces of Abyan, Lahj and Al-Dhale’a.

On Saturday evening, the brigades confirmed that they were continuing “the process of pushing military reinforcements from the forces of the southern Giants brigades and the 3rd Brigade to logistics and support and infantry brigades from the West Coast Front towards the capital Aden.”

The Giants’ command “earlier pushed for significant military reinforcements from the Giants and the 3rd Brigade Logistics and support and infantry brigade stationed on the west coast fronts,” according to their media.

The brigades indicated their involvement with STC militias in operations to “secure the interim capital of Aden and Lahj province, liberate a number of Abyan provincial directorates, and strengthen fronts to counter the forces of the Islah creeping from the north to the south,” they said.

The brigades of giants described the government forces’ repulse of the shabwa elite rebellion in Shabwa as “a military move by the Muslim Brotherhood, and called on the people of the province not to be drawn behind the calls of the Islah party to fight with their southern brothers,” according to the statement.

The statement called on the legitimate to listen to the leadership of the Southern Transitional Council, and noted that the demands of the Council “are the demands of the southern people and you have a duty to listen to them and we are with them with their demands that we are sons of the South.”