Independent: the popularity of the “Transitional” has eroded among its supporters

19 April 2019
Independent: the popularity of the “Transitional” has eroded among its supporters
عدن نيوز – Aden News:

the city of Aden is witnessing A state of security stability. the temporary capital of Yemen restored a bit of calm after years of war and turbulence.
The so-called “Southern Transitional Council” in Yemen, which emerged mid-2017, led a number of popular protests, denouncing the decline in services and calling for the departure of the government of former Yemeni Prime Minister Dr Ahmed bin Dagr. The protests became armed clash in January 2018 between the security forces and the regular forces and continued for several days, leaving scores of dead and wounded, and damage to the structures and state facilities, before the war ended with Saudi mediation.
As time passes, the observers noticed the return of calm to the city and the other southern provinces. Aden has not witnessed for a year any activities for the “transitional”.
Journalist and political analyst Sami al-Kaf said the Southern Transitional Council does not understand that it is only a political component of several components in the public landscape in southern Yemen.
“Despite the claim of the transitional that it is with the opening of a South-South dialogue, but it continues to claim that it is the sole representative and legitimate of the southern issue.”
The Yemeni political researcher, Thabit al-Ahmadi, said that the events proved that the so-called transitional council is becoming increasingly eroded, referring to “the fact that its decisions are subject to external parties.”
“It is natural that the political and popular isolation of the (transitional) is increasing, especially after the convergence between the Gulf – and legitimacy of Yemen,” he added.

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