wide calls to close the radio of the Transitional Council in Aden

11 February 2019
wide calls to close the radio of the Transitional Council in Aden
عدن نيوز – Aden News:

The so-called Southern Transitional Council, on Saturday, launched its first radio station in the city of Aden.

The radio, which was opened by Eidaroos Al-Zubaidi, head of the Council and his deputy, Hani Ben Brik, was named “Huna Aden” and was adopted as an investment radio station affiliated to the Aden Media Foundation.

The radio will be broadcast from the port city of Aden, which is being taken by the internationally recognized legitimate government, the country’s interim capital.

The Yemeni journalist Anees Mansour, editor-in-chief of the “Huna Aden” website and the “Huna Aden Studies Center”, issued a press statement on Saturday accusing the leadership of the Transitional Council of stealing the trade and media name of his organization.

Calling on the concerned parties to quickly close the aforementioned foundation and radio, or change their names, In accordance with the laws and regulations in force in the Republic of Yemen.

On the other hand, politicians, intellectuals, activists and media men called on the legitimate government to close it as it would be a new source of sedition, incitement and conflict.

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