The UAE-backed forces prevent local delegation from meeting with Shabwa governor

5 December 2018
The UAE-backed forces prevent local delegation from meeting with Shabwa governor
عدن نيوز – خاص:

The UAE-backed Shabwanian elite forces on Tuesday morning prevented a delegation of the residents of the Usilan district from entering the town of Ataq, the capital of Shabwa province.

Local source said that “the elite forces in the “alSawda” area – the western entrance to the city – prevented the sheikhs and dignitaries of the district of Usilan from entering the city of Ataq; to meet with the governor Mohammed Saleh bin Adio.

He pointed out that the delegation, which included military and security leaders from the Beihan axis, elders and dignitaries of the Balharath tribes, and a number of senior officials of the Directorate, were on their way to meet with the governor and congratulate him with the confidence of the political leadership.

He confirmed that the elite forces rejected the efforts made by the director of security in the province, Brigadier General Awad al-Dahbul, and director of the district of Atiq, Ali Amer, who attended after communicating with them, but the elite forces refused to allow the delegation to pass.
He noted that after two hours of waiting without any results, the delegation decided to return to the district of Usilan without meeting the governor ..
The UAE-backed elite forces have prevented military and civilian leaders from passing through their points, most recently was Deputy Oil Minister a month ago.

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