assassination of officer in Giants brigades in west cost of Yemen

23 March 2020
assassination of officer in Giants brigades in west cost of Yemen
عدن نيوز - Aden News:

A third brigade (infantry) officer was killed on the western coast, at dawn on Sunday, by an explosive device placed in his car.

According to military sources in the 3rd Brigade, an explosive device exploded inside the car of Officer Rami Al-Qaisi while he was passing in the (Al-Faza) area of ​​the Al-Tuhita district.

Al-Qaisi’s death came three days after the killing of a military commander in the 3rd Brigade, which is led by Salafi Brigadier General Bassam Al-Mehdhar.

The targeting of leaders in the giants brigades of the National Army comes after its leader, Bassam Al-Mehdhar, refused to join the joint forces led by Tariq Afash.

Observers believe that Al-Qaisi’s killing was planned as part of a series of systematic operations to liquidate officers in the National Army who refuse to work with UAE.

The Giants and Tacami Resistance brigades in the West Coast reject Emirati pressure to join them with Tariq Afash’s forces, which are seeking to impose their control on the liberated directorates and areas of the West Coast.

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