UAE-backed STC pushes forces to Abyan

20 March 2020
UAE-backed STC pushes forces to Abyan
عدن نيوز - Aden News:

Local sources said that the Emirati-backed transitional council has pushed, over the past two days, new military forces to Zunjubar, the capital of Abyan province.

The sources added that the forces that the transitional pushed to Zunjubar included military vehicles, crews, armored vehicles, and hundreds of elements, while the transitional media reported that these forces were prepared for what called “the battle of decisiveness and salvation.”

In exchange, the army forces pushed reinforcements from Shabwa Governorate towards the coastal city of Shukra in Abyan Governorate.

Local sources said that a number of armored vehicles and military vehicles, loaded with dozens of soldiers, in addition to mobile artillery and ambulances, arrived in Shukra from Shabwa.

This comes after days of tension in Aden after the Saudi forces attempted to replace the transitional forces that guard the Aden International Airport with new forces trained by Saudi Arabia, and then the transitional pushed forces to Aden and deployed security points and barriers in different parts of Aden.

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